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Playmobox is an online playground for templates and code

Create easily jQuery/Bootstrapp-, AngularJs/Material-, ReactJs/Material prototypes or cross-email-client conform html templates

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Handmade templates

We have unlimited example templates and themes for making your idea greater! You can create your own templates. Try your taste in exquisite typography, emotive colors and web designs that look beautiful and work wonderfully on every size and type of screen. Our tools will help you to find the right way for your unique story.

Drag & Drop

We want your idea to be successful and the creation of your project should bring you pleasure. Take code easy, simply click on any box you wish to change, or drag and drop new boxes. In few minutes you will be able to look at your first result.

Live preview

Your idea deserves to be online! We want you to enjoy your result in real time. Thats why the workbench is updating itself automatically everytime the result is saved.

Upload images and files

Drag-and-drop your images or any files from your desktop onto the playmobox. Our tools will help you to manage or manipulate the uploaded files by resizing, cropping, adding text or appling fancy effects on it.

Pair programming

We prepared everything you need for "the" real time collaboration. Easily create or join any edit URL you want to contribute with. All changes are immediately distributed among all users working on the same URL.

Export and share

Export layouts as ZIP archive containing all the HTML/JavaScript/CSS code and graphics needed to run it offline. Save it to an external source and for example host it on your own server.