Donate for: User Authentication System

The Playmobox is a non-profit company. Our work is made possible by a community of volunteers, fellows and donors. Your donations are critical to our headway. They enable us to continue developing new features, fixing bugs and errors, translating the page content, keep the servers alive and last but not least to keep the project free of ad.


We need every month at least 3000 euros in order to continue and develop our work. By the end of the month are still missing 1596 €.

Ways of donating

1. One time donation
2. Bank transfer
Dipl.-Inf. Sufian Abu-Rab (Playmobox)
IBAN: DE66 5485 0010 0135 4805 23
BANK: Sparkasse südl. Weinstraße
3. Other options
If none of the above options suits you, please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities with you.

Tax deduction

In some countries, donations to us can be deducted from income tax. Currently, this is the case in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.