Firm name Dipl.-Inform. Sufian Abu-Rab (Playmobox)


Fon ++49 (0) 179 999 57 88

Fax ++49 (0) 3222 338 69 80


Please contribute! Playmobox is developed with the help of Symfony and jQuery, but if that's problematic for you, feel free to submit pull requests which just change the JavaScript and or PHP files, we can adapt them as needed.


Playmobox was originally created with the sole purpose of wrapping HTML’s low level elements with Bootstrap’s high level components functionality. As such it is a small editor focussed on providing basic programmatic components with minimal fuss and overhead.

Playmobox is authored and maintained by Sufian Abu-Rab (@sufius). Thanks are also due to the contributors!

What if I find a bypass?

If that happens, you probably qualify for a juicy bug bounty! Playmobox code is added to bountysource. So, if you find a way to bypass or weaken Playmobox, please have a look at our bug bounty info.